Five Ways to Make a Pond Clean and Beautiful

Many people use ponds as a way to enhance their landscape. They opt for a beautiful design that ties in nicely with the rest of the yard and work to keep it up throughout the year. Keeping a pond clean and beautiful should always be a priority. There are at least five ways to make this happen.

Get an Aeration System

Certain pond equipment available for an aeration system will help to keep a pond clean and safe to use. With several to choose from, all pond owners need to be aware of their options so they can pick the one that will be the most efficient for them and their needs. Solar aerators, windmill aerators, and deluxe systems all exist. The process helps to eliminate some of the algea that grows in the area.

Use a Pond Filter

Just as pools use filters to filter out debris and bacteria, so can ponds. A pond filter helps to keep any wildlife in the water safe. Instead of simply capturing debris like many filters, some provide living material that works to break down any toxins in the vicinity.

Add Water Additives

Water additives exist that work to clean a pond on their own with the need for a full-on system. These are often not as efficient as a filtration system, but they will help kill of bad bacteria in the water. While some additives simply clean the water, there are also choices that work to dye the pond water a different color, often blue.

Install a Fountain

Looking out at an open pond of water may not seem so enticing. Look at a pond with a gorgeous, flowing fountain the center, on the other hand, and people have a tremendous sight to see. Some fountains even work as the aeration or filter system without the need for another version.

Keeping a pond clean and beautiful is an important part of keeping up with the entire landscape. With several different ways to make this happen, anyone hoping to improve the look and quality of their pond can do so. Some time, equipment, and supplies are all one needs to get the job done.